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Pocket Language Translator

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This two-way pocket translator is the perfect product for anyone that travels a lot. This pocket translator can translate up to 30 different languages in real time, allowing you to remove all barriers of language. It can be used to translate major languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, etc. (1) The mobile phone is connected by either wifi or your mobile network, scan the QR code on the product, and download the translation APP iTranslate. (2) Set the App according to the Instruction. (3) Power on the translator. Then open bluetooth and connect the device "Translator" with your phone. Open the APP, it will scan and find the the "iTranslate" device. (4) There is a menu bar on the APP, and the language choice of more than 30 countries can be selected.  (5) After choosing the translated language, press the button A on the translation stick to start the recording, release the button after the speech is finished and check the translation results on the APP, it should appear within 2 seconds, the translator recognizes the speech as a text ,then translates it into foreign language and plays.