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Fantastic Magic Yo-yo for $18.99

Fantastic Magic Yo-yo

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The magic yo-yo can cultivate imagination, creativity, rapid reaction ability, motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The magic yo-yo uses the whole copper axis to ensure good concentricity. Equipped with the side shaft, so that it looks more attractive and has better performance. 8 ball KK bearing, the magic yo-yo will keep balance when in rotation, and it runs at a fast speed. Made from abs and has a concave bearing. Recommended for ages 8+. Sizing is as follows | Diameter: 51.03 mm | Width: 41.01 mm | Gap Width: 4.38 mm | Bearing Size: 6.35 mm * 12.7 mm * 4.76 mm(C) | String Length: 110 cm / 43.31 in |